Below you will find more information about the members of our consortium

The E2SWITCH consortium has been constituted with the ambition to realise a productive synergy between partners’ expertise and an exhaustive coverage of the competences needed to deliver an advanced energy efficient switching device.

It gathers nine organisations from a total of six different countries. Together they form a unique multidisciplinary network of universities, one large industrial partner, two research centres and one research-intensive SME, supported by a dedicated management SME.
Partner 1 - EPFL (Coordinator)
Ecole Polytechnique Fédérale de Lausanne, Laboratory of Micro and Nano-Electronic Devices (Nanolab)
Adrian Mihai Ionescu (Coordinator),
Antonios Bazigos
Lausanne, Switzerland
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Partner 2 - IBM
IBM Research GmbH
Heike Riel,
Kirsten Moselund,
Heinz Schmid
Zürich, Switzerland
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Partner 3 - JUELICH
Forschungszentrum Jülich
Siegfried Mantl
Qing-Tai Zhao
Jülich, Germany
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Partner 4 - LUND
University of Lund
Lars-Erik Wernersson
Claes Thelander
Lund, Sweden
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Partner 5 - ETHZ
Eidgenössische Technische Hochschule Zürich
Andreas Schenk
Mathieu Luisier
Zürich, Switzerland
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Partner 6 - IMEC
IMEC Belgium
Dehan Morin
Julien Ryckaert
Leuven, Belgium
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Partner 7 - AMS
AMS Sensors UK Ltd.
Syed Zeeshan Ali
Florin Udrea
Cambridge, United Kingdom
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Partner 8 - SCIPROM
Kirsten Leufgen
Peter Ulrich
Filippo Gander
Dominique Stücker
St-Sulpice, Switzerland
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Partner 9 - IUNET
Consorzio Nazionale Interuniversitario per la Nanoelettronica
Luca Selmi
Giorgio Baccarani
Elena Gnani
Udine and Bologna, Italy
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