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Final Workshop
Energy Efficient Tunnel FET Switches and Circuits
10 November 2017
IMEC, Belgium

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This one-day workshop was organized for the closure of the E2SWITCH EU programme on Energy Efficient Tunnel FET Switches and Circuits and highlighted the results obtained within the program and complemented by external speakers.
Steep transistors with subthreshold swings less than 60 mV/decade are attracting attention worldwide to continue the scaling roadmap and enable electronic systems operating at 300 mV and below. Transistors based on inter-band tunneling (TFETs) are promising and have seen important development in the last years, but there is still no consensus on materials or device architecture, on the mechanisms limiting current performance, on the exact field and conditions of application. In this workshop, the achievements of E2SWITCH project were presented and discussed: fabrication of lateral and vertical IIIV and IV TFETs, TCAD simulations, analytical modelling, and digital and analog circuits benchmarks. These focused presentations were combined with presentations by invited speakers opening the discussion to future prospects and challenges.

The workshop was paired with the Beyond CMOS week, an annual one week course organized by imec Academy.
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